Meet Ginger

Spunky Ginger Szabo was a drugstore clerk who dreamed of going to Hollywood and becoming a movie star. She grew up with strict parents who struggled for money, and as a result, she had to start working at twelve in order to help them with rent and food.

After an ill-fated stay in Hollywood, Ginger finally got her big show business break in 1946 when she was chosen to be the Lemo Tomato Juice girl. She appeared on cans of Lemo Tomato Juice and later appeared the Lemo Tomato Juice Hour on WREQ with future husband, Jeff Metcalf.

Meet Jeff

Jeff Metcalf was a small-town guy who dreamed of being a major league ballplayer. The youngest of three children, Jeff grew up in a lively household with his mother Anne, older brother Hank, and older sister Linda. His father died when he was young.

He eventually did make it in the big leagues, joining the Cleveland Indians in 1946, but a leg injury almost cut his career short. Luckilly for him, his future wife, Ginger Szabo, intervened and convinced his former coach to give him another shot at a tryout. Jeff persevered and won a second chance with the Indians when they sent him to their farm team in 1947.

Their History

What does a shy, low-key appleknocker have in common with a spunky, spirited tomatohawker? L-O-V-E!! River Run's most unlikely couple, Jeff Metcalf and Ginger Szabo, took years to notice each other, but once they did, they realized that they were made for each other!

They had known each other forever--Ginger's best friend was Jeff's sister Linda, and for years she saw Jeff only as Linda's "baby brother" just as Jeff saw her only as his "big sister's best friend." But little did both of them know that they would be the love of each other's life.

The couple that no one would have predicted had an unusual start. Jeff was reeling over his secret love, Sarah, marrying his brother Hank, and Ginger was devastated after learning that fiance Charlie had brought home a war bride. Both heartbroken, they sought solace in each other and slept together, but neither ever expected to fall in love.

Soon it was obvious to the both of them that this was more than a fling, and after a false pregnancy scare, they finally admitted their love for each other.

The road to love was not easy, though. Jeff and Ginger challenged each other each step of the way, and sparks flew whenever they fought and made up, and fought and made up. Both dreamed big dreams: Jeff wanted to be a big league ballplayer, while Ginger wanted to be a movie star. Along the way they had to decide how to make their dreams come true while still staying together.

They survived the Ginger's brief, ill-fated stay in Hollywood, Jeff's flirtation with a baseball-loving barmaid, Ginger's career ambitions, and a thousand other misunderstandings. But watching them make up was always the fun part. There was never any doubt at any time how much they really loved each other, and in the end, they were finally married (appropriately enough) in memorable way : on a train, with Jeff on his way to joining the Indians' farm team.

Long live River Run's sexiest, funniest, most romantic couple!

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