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When the writers of Homefront first brought together Jeff Metcalf, River Run's young aspiring ballplayer who had fallen in love with his brother's fiancee, and Ginger Szabo, the aspiring actress who had been jilted by her GI beau, the pairing was only meant to last a few episodes. But the incredible chemistry between the two actors, Kyle Chandler and Tammy Lauren, was unmistakable from the beginning. Sparks flew every time they shared the screen, and soon the show recognized what fans had already discovered: that they were witnessing a supercouple in the making. They scrapped plans to break up the couple and went full steam ahead with the romance.

Though they didn't start off as main characters in the show, Jeff and Ginger nonetheless stole the hearts of nearly every fan, and eventually the story of their tumultuous, tempestuous--but always fun to watch--relationship became the focal point of many episodes. Fans couldn't get enough of their sexy, funny, charming banter, and even years after the show's cancellation, fans are still in love with this couple.

Join me in celebrating this one-of-a-kind couple! Welcome to the "Appleknocker and Tomatohawker" page, where Jeff and Ginger fans hang out!

Heartfelt thanks to those without whom this site would not have been made:

Lynn Latham and Bernard Lechowick, who created such an incredible show...

Kyle Chandler and Tammy Lauren, for making magic with the roles they were given and creating such unforgettable characters...

... and Michelle Hensley for all the pictures she generously let me use!

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Special news:

Want to help bring Homefront back to TVLand? Here's a way you can help!! Thanks to Denise who is spearheading this campaign--here is her request:

Postcard Campaign to Bring Back Homefront to TVLand

A group of loyal Homefront fans were sitting around one day trying to think of a way to get the show back on the air when it suddenly hit us. POSTCARDS!! Postcards are a wonderful way to promote the show because you don't need to sign your name or give a return address.

Here's what you do: Go to your local craft store and buy blank postcards. You can usually get 12 for about $2. Get as many as you'd like (the more the merrier though). Then visit one of our favorite Homefront websites which have allowed their photos to be used: (Please do not use Dena's pictures as we've been unable to get her permission. All others on the site are fine)

Print out the photos and then attach them to your blank postcard. On the message side write one or two sentences about how Homefront should be back on the air or how you wish you had known before when it ran, but missed it and would like to see it on again. The key is that the phrase, "I want to see Homefront back on TVLand" or anything similar is used.

Then send it to this address:

1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

Then head down to the post office, get a stamp and send it off. Do this as often as you can from as many different post offices as you can. If for some reason you can't make postcards, then try to find nostalgic or old looking ones to send out. We need them to have a certain feel so that the people at TVLand get the hint that Homefront is what we're promoting.

Our immediate goal is to get these sent out throughout the month of February. In addition, letters can be sent in which you actually sign your name and request the show's return.

I know many of us have tapes of the show from Homefront's previous run on TVLand, but there are many more fans who do not. So even if you do have it taped, please join in the campaign. If you have any questions you can email me at Thanks!!

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