Memorable Lines

A large part of Jeff and Ginger's appeal was their lively banter that was always funny, snappy, sexy, and never ever boring! Here are some of their memorable lines...


  • "How long do we have to wait till we can do it again?"
    (after she and Jeff lose their virginity to each other: "So All Alone")
  • "I said no dark places!"
    (after they end up making out on another date and Ginger fears they'll go further: "Patriots")
  • "Oh my God, I think I'm going to kill myself!"
    (after Jeff's mother comes home early and she and Jeff are stuck in his room, alone: "Patriots")
  • "Not only are we not two peas in a pod... We're not even both vegetables!"
    (fearing that they have nothing in common at all: "Holier Than Thou, Too")
  • "Well... You can kiss..."
    (after Jeff tells her he can't dance: "Kids")
  • "Said the man who wants to make his living hitting a ball with a stick."
    (after Jeff tells her that acting is a "screwy" business: "Sinners Reconciled")
  • "Has the laundry been putting starch in your shorts or something?"
    (annoyed with Jeff's grumpy attitude towards her: "All These Things Will I Give To Thee")
  • "Oh what a coincidence... She's a bartender, you're a bartender. She's in your room, you're in your room..."
    (after catching Jeff with Judy: "No Man Loyal Or Neutral")
  • "There's something wrong with me. I think deep down inside, I'm a man."
    (telling Jeff that she is thinking of one thing all the time, just like men do: "Songs Unsung Are Sweetest")
  • "Oh my word..."
    (after Jeff whispers sweet nothings in her ear about their honeymoon: "Can't Say No")


  • "I gave them all up for you."
    (telling Ginger she doesn't need to be jealous of all the women in his past: "Kids")
  • "Oh my Lord."
    (when Ginger tells him that they'll have to dance three dances for the contest: "Man, This Joint Is Jumping")
  • "I thought I participated in the most exciting moment of your life."
    (after Ginger tells him that coming to Hollywood is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to her: "Szabo's Travels")
  • "I would like to know what you wear to bed at night."
    (after Ginger tells him that someday she'd like to be so famous that reporters ask her what she wears to bed at night: "Szabo's Travels")
  • "You're telling me someone wants you to pose naked in a pin-up and you don't expect me to get in a bus?"
    (after Ginger asks him how she was supposed to know he'd come to Hollywood to get her: "All These Things Will I Give To Thee")
  • "Ha! You didn't think I'd come up with a reason number two, did you?"
    (after Ginger asks him for another reason--other than sex--as to why they should get married before he leaves for spring training: "That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles")
  • "Ginger, come to bed--I mean use the bed..."
    (after Ginger, who's still mad at him for catching Judy in his room, comes to seek shelter at his apartment when her car breaks down: "No Man Loyal Or Neutral")
  • "I never thought I'd hear those letters come out of your mouth in that order..."
    (after Ginger surprises him with her new-found knowledge of baseball and congratulates him on his three RBI's: "Obstinancy or Constancy")
  • "Good Lord..."
    (after Ginger stops them from "going all the way" when she realizes how many sins they'd be committing: "Songs Unsung Are Sweetest")
  • "We'll be working on making little shortstops and such..."
    (telling Ginger that their honeymoon will be a "working vacation of sorts": "Can't Say No")
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