Jeff and Ginger Milestones

Walk down memory lane and relive the memorable milestones in Jeff and Ginger's relationship!

  • First kiss: in Jeff's room ("So All Alone")
  • First time they said "I love you": at the Purl Roadhouse, after finding out Ginger wasn't pregnant ("Toledo")
  • Jeff's first proposal: on the way to Toledo ("Toledo")
  • First breakup: Ginger wants to stay in Hollywood after a failed screen test, and Jeff wants to go back to River Run ("Szabo's Travels")
  • Jeff's second proposal: at the radio station after he and Ginger have been fighting
  • Second breakup: Ginger catches Jeff with Judy ("Getting To First Base")
  • Third Breakup: Jeff makes Ginger choose between him and her career ("Appleknocker To Wed Tomatohawker")
  • Jeff's third (and final) proposal: in the car, on the way to the TV studio, where they admit they still love each other ("All Good Things")
  • Wedding: on a train, where Jeff is on his way to the minors ("All Good Things")
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